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Topic: Fender Tremolo Parts

Pure Vintage Trem Assy.png

I've never been one who liked removing the trem handle from my Strat when I case the guitar.  Frankly, I don't know anyone who does... So I finally broke down and did a little research on why not all Strats allow you to leave the trem handle on the guitar while in its case. In a nutshell, that's a feature typically found on the USA Strats. The imports have the handle hole machined perpendicular to the bridge plate. The USA-made blocks have the handle hole machined at an 11 degree angle to the bridge plate. When the trem handle is rotated toward the butt of the guitar it 'stores' itself close to the body so the case lid can be closed without applying force to the trem assembly. ...It's the 'magic' that allows you the convenience of not having to remove the trem handle.  BTW The thread spec for the handle is 10-32. 

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Technical Illustration of Pure Vintage Trem Block

There are times when you may want to mix 'n match parts. Nothing really wrong with that but proceed with caution. Just ordering parts willy-nilly is a sure fire path to frustration. There are LOTS of people advertising replacement sustain blocks online. I'm not saying they're 'bad' but I haven't found a single one that supplies a technical drawing so that you really know what you're buying. I just don't have the patience to take a chance on them. I know this topic isn't completely covered but I hope you found the bits of information useful...

Topic: Shop-built Neck Carving Sled

Here's a fun jig I built to carve/replicate neck shapes.  It's somewhat of a prototype but it does work. I'm still dreaming up refinements that will make it more reliable. The neck blank is fastened to a rotisserie. To attain the shape of the neck cams are attached at the far ends of the sled. The cams regulate the depth of cut for the router as it moves back and forth as the neck blank is rotated on the rotisserie. The springs at each end of the device pull the rotisserie up to the cam feelers. Not very scientific but it'll do in a  bar fight. 

Topic: Shop-built Neck Tenon Jig

Hands down, the coolest jig I've ever made. It looks so simple! But dang, there was a lot of thought that went into this one. Check out the link to the shared photos to see the evolution of my neck tenon jigs over the years. The jig is designed to use a 4" x 1/2" upcut bit. That long reach is more than enough to get the length of the tenon just right. And the  neck angle is adjustable! I need to figure out how to make it do double duty as a neck DOVETAIL jig. I think now that the principal part is working, adding that feature shouldn't be too difficult.

4WD Neck Tenon Jig.jpg


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